Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Pain Chronicles - Countdown to Tooth Pain, Day 7

Seven days until I get all my wisdom teeth removed. Opted for the 'twilight sleep' instead of general anesthesia because. . .because I'm a tough motha f*cka! Sorry - just watched 'Boyz in the Hood' . . . Would you believe I opted for the blissful, slap-happy, nausea-inducing route of 'twilight sleep' rather than the voluntary comatose route because it costs about $250 less? I though you would.

I've heard you can hear your teeth being gripped and crunched by the pliers, but the Valium and nitrous makes you not really care all that much. Hey - can I get a bag of that to go?

If you have any experience with either pain control method for wisdom teeth extraction, Ema and I would like to hear from you. Drop us a line, or add a comment below, and let me know what I'm in for.

Stay tuned. . .