Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Pain Chronicles - Countdown to Tooth Pain, Day 1

Yes, and thanks for that comment on the last post, Scott. I've heard tales of perverse sexual advances on unwilling and unconscious dental patients. But here's the question: if you were truly upset by the incident, then why did you schedule four unnecessary root canals for the next month?!?

With 34 hours remaining until I go under the. . . pliers, I have begun taking inventory of my life, and started compiling a List of Things I'd Like to do Before I Die. Unfortunately, with only one day to complete this list, my goals are humble, at best.

TILTDBID #1: Hold a purring kitten
TILTDBID #2: Climb a long flight of stairs
TILTDBID #3: Write letters to all the women I've wronged (I'll start with Ema, of course)

Keep the faith my sisters and brothers. . . I'll be thinking of you as I start my journey toward the Light.

- Tom