Monday, July 23, 2007

Episode 46 - Treatment Effects

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Perhaps Tom should have taken the Alli label more seriously, rolling obituaries, cupcakes, more things to keep Tom Busy, Ema's knee lump update, potty talk, and Ema writes a great story that Tom critiques instead of praises.

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Blogs mentioned in this episode - Celluloid Heros

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 - Online Writing Community

Just a quick announcement that I've just launched an online writing community called 52stories.

Do you want to write more, but don't know what to write about? Do you find yourself procrastinating over writing? 52stories is here to help you remove the barriers between you and your stories. We provide one photo per week and you write a story based on that photo. We publish your story and other writers provide feedback. Imagine writing 52 stories in one year... now, make it happen.

Stop on by - and let me know what you think.