Monday, May 29, 2006

The Block - Characters - The Hermit

Everyone knows someone who's a little 'off.' Herman, or The Hermit, as he's become known, thrives on most of the things that normal people try to avoid: fear, pity, disdain, and retribution for a deep, painful secret. He's the one in the grocery store that cuts you off at the checkout line even though you've got one item and he has a cart-full. The one who speeds up at every yellow light, pumps his brakes when you try to pass, and enjoys Disneyland for the sole purpose of discretely popping the $13.00 Mickey Mouse balloons. Is he dangerous? We don't know - he may not even know. One thing for sure, he crossed a line at the BBQ with 40 witnesses, and now his little, warped world is in danger of being exposed.