Monday, May 29, 2006

A Rankings and Ratings Rant

It's funny. . .The more popular this show becomes, the lower I fall in the Podcast Alley Storytelling ratings. Must be because I don't shameless ask for your votes on that site. Hey - I'm # 2 on IdiotVox. . .for what that's worth. . .I slipped from 7th to 23rd place on in the same span of time my subscriptions jumped 20%! Go figure. Anyway, if you'd like to vote for me on Podcast Alley and help The Unreal OC climb back up in the Storytelling category or de-throne King Bonk from his # 1 seat on IdiotVox ( and move me up to 1st place, then don't let my passive-aggressive tone here stop you. Either way, I sincerely appreciate your support.