Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sisters are Doin' it For Themselves!

I just finished editing The Unreal OC episode 41 – No Sympathy. Ema and her sister, Linda hosted this one as my throat isn’t up to non-stop talking quite yet. I’m able to either carry on short, quiet conversations, or belt out 4-5 good yells at the kids during any hour period. I’ve found that alternating the yelling and quiet talk not only helps my throat, but also perpetuates that whole manic-daddy persona I’ve been working on for some time. "No Nick, I have no problem with you playing ½ hour more video games today if you promise to sweep. . .SAM, LET GO OF YOUR SISTER’S HAIR OR I’LL MAKE A PERSONAL VISIT TO THE EASTER BUNNY COMPOUND AND HIJACK ALL TRUCKS OF CANDY COMING YOUR WAY!!!. . .the side walkways, as well as the front patio.”

Anyway, I think Ema and Linda did a terrific job on the podcast. If anything, I think the podcast may have turned out a little too good – professional, polished, upbeat, funny as hell. . .like they didn't need me at all. . . Well, find out for yourself when I post the episode this coming Wednesday 3/14.

I’ve got to go do a shot of liquid Tylenol, and make my Sunday morning donut run.

See ya – Tom.