Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Post Op – Day 5 – No Complaints Tonight!

I’ve done a quick re-reading of my last few posts, and have come to the conclusion that I’m complaining too much. So, in light of this revelation, I’ve decided to make this post 100% complaint-free!

During my hospital stay, I really liked having a nurse who:

  1. Spoke very little English, and gave no signs that he comprehended one word I said during his nine hour shift.
  2. Brought me blankets when I asked for pillows.
  3. Brought me Kleenex when I asked for a straw.
  4. Signed me up for the ‘unrestricted’ dinner of roast beef, green beans and mashed potatoes even though I was on a strict liquid diet.
  5. Didn’t know how to adjust the bed length so I was, during the duration of my stay, curled up in essentially a toddler bed.
  6. Did not wear a watch, and so had no clue to time and/or my medication cycle.
  7. Ignored repeated requests for apple juice, but regularly brought what appeared to be random items left of food trays in the hallways – spare yogurts, a bowl of cereal, and even an open container of apple sauce without a utensil.

There – That felt so much better. All my negativity was really wearing on my soul! By now all of you know how I feel about bad service. It was refreshing to be treated so well by a professional hospital staff that miraculously knew what I wanted, and provided it with promptness and courtesy.