Monday, June 19, 2006

The Block - Characters - Brent

Samantha was looking for a loveable rebel with whom she could attach herself for the sole purpose of getting her mother, Christine's attention. But if 'loveable rebel' sits at one end of the 'bad boy' continuum, Brent sits at the far, opposite end, in the 'bad seed' category. Your typical rebellious teenager is scared to death of people like Brent, and for good reason. He isn't going through a teenage phase - he's nurturing a life-long commitment to corruption. While other bad boys try to figure out which liquor stores might accept their fake ID's, Brent scouts out the one with the weakest security so he can knock it off and grab the cash from the register. Brent lives with the unfortunate delusion that he has nothing to lose. That he wasn't made for this world, and this world certainly doesn't want him around for long. In his mind, Samantha was delivered to him by whatever dark forces rule the universe. Yes, you could say that with Brent, Samantha got more than she bargained for.