Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Block - Characters - Christine and Samantha

There isn't enough Zoloft in the known universe to explain Christine's perpetual perkiness. She walks through each day with the same contrived, contorted smile that's plastered on real estate signs throughout our neighborhood. I suspect that there's probably a real person somewhere beneath the synthetic sales persona she projects; but I've never seen it. Perhaps Swingin' Steve will be able to peel back her layers and expose the real Christine.

Samantha, Christine's 17-year-old daughter, has learned well from her mother on how to project a false personality while keeping the real, more fragile one safely hidden. Between cheerleading, drama club, her advanced placement science and math classes, Samantha has tried every conventional way she knows to win the attention of her mother. Now, with those attempts apparently failing, she's forced to take a less conventional, more dangerous approach.