Sunday, June 25, 2006

Me On My Space?!? C'Mon! Well, OK

OK - As if this graphic doesn't say enough. . .Yes, I finally joined My Space. You can find me at . I just joined yesterday, and as you can see - I'm off to a roaring start! How many people do you know that can actually say that they have ZERO friends, and can verify it? Anyway, what kicked me into deciding to set up an account was I listened to 'The Bitterest Pill' on Friday, and Dan mentioned that he checks his 'My Space' page all the time to see just how many new friends he has. I thought - hey - What a great way to interact with the podcasting community, make new friends, share stories. . . I'm not even sure how My Space works. Do I have to invite people? Do they just show up - uninvited? Pitiful - I know. But don't fret. By this time next week that '0' should be in the triple digits, and I'll post it right here for all of you to see so I can stand proud and say "I HAVE FRIENDS!"