Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Unreal OC - Emails, Voicemails and More

Hi folks - Some exciting news on this end - My audience doubled during the month of May, and I'll bet that much of that increase is due to you telling your friends about the show. That's terrific! As a podcaster, It's easy to get caught up in trying to build your listener base - at any cost. When I find myself going in that direction, I try to focus on who really matters - meaning you fine folks who do listen to the show - not the 5.2 billion others who don't. It's like the old theater adage about playing to the audience who IS in the theater, and not worrying about the next performance or what the people in tomorrow's audience might think (maybe that was a baseball adage. . .oh well). My point is: You people - reading this blog and listening to my podcast - are the ones that matter. Your loyalty is very much appreciated - so thank you.

I think I've mentioned this once in the past, but it's worth repeating - Did you know that I answer ALL my emails. I know what it's like to write an email to a podcaster and not get a response. That's why - early on - I decided I'd take time to answer all listener emails. AND - If it's appropriate, I'll read the email on my show. My email: Aside from Email, there's all kinds of way to talk back to The Unreal OC - Here's a few more:
  • Show comments can be left on my The Unreal OC Hotline at 1 (206) 333-1185. I'll play these on the show.
  • Then there's my Frappr Map, where you can place your pin on the map, letting me know where you're listening from. You can leave a message there too if you'd like.
  • Finally, there's the ability to leave comments on each of these UnBlog posts.
So let me know how you like the show, or . . .how you don't like the show. C'mon - I can take it - give it your best shot!

Thanks again, and remember to stay tuned for The Block - part 4 - Coming this Saturday.