Monday, September 17, 2007

Breathe In, Breathe Out - A Cancer Recovery Journal - 4

Day 12 Wednesday 9/5/07: 8:00AM - Teeth-grating Anxiety. I just read more about sarcomas. Seems they are particularly wily critters. Hard to detect, invasive, travel anywhere the blood goes, usually hit the lungs first when they spread, but really could go anywhere. Ema was able to make an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to get three more CT scans with contrast done so we can see how clear her pelvis, thorax, and lungs are. See how positive I’m being? I think the fear of the unknown is the worst kind of fear there is. Hopefully I won’t be proven wrong as we continue on our journey of healing.

Day 13 Thursday 9/6/07: 8:00AM – "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo

We had an encouraging conversation with Dr. B yesterday. He’s an upbeat guy with an infectious positive attitude. He didn’t think getting the two additional CT scans was necessary, stating that her lungs were clear and that’s the most likely place that tumors would form from an extremity sarcoma. In an effort to keep our conversation positive and congenial, I didn’t remind him that he was also the Dr. who, three months ago, said the lump on Ema’s knee was nothing to worry about. In all fairness, that wasn’t his fault. No one in their right mind would bet on a 300,000 to 1 race horse either.

Day 14 Friday 9/7/07: 6:45 AM – Ema had pelvic and abdominal CT scans yesterday. She’ll call Dr. U today to see if they have any lab results. With a clear report we’re on schedule to operate on Monday. This weekend should be much better than last. We have more information, including Dr. B’s confirmation that Ema’s lungs are clear, and are closer to ‘scooping out’ any nasty cells remaining in her leg. Yay!