Saturday, September 22, 2007

Breathe In, Breathe Out - A Cancer Recovery Journal - 6

Update - Saturday September 22, 2007. Ema is still bed-ridden - doctor's orders, and a physical necessity considering the size and weight of the pressure bandage on her leg. The photo above was taken this past Wednesday at her orthopedic oncologists office. We were hoping to get the bandage off then, and disappointed to hear he wanted it left on for another full week. Still, Ema's spirits are good and we have, just within the past couple of days, heard that the tissue removed from her leg is clear of any abnormal (cancer) cells. That is very good news, and will help shape the radiation and chemotherapy treatments which should begin in about two weeks.

This past month has been the worst month of our lives, but oddly enough, there are some good things that have come from it. We have both experienced a lifetime of emotions in one month, and have learned much about ourselves, each other, and our lives in general. One of the things that shouldn't have surprised me but did anyway was just how broad our circle of friends is. When Ema agreed to share her recovery on this blog I was very proud of her. Isn't it interesting that the more personal you are willing to be, and the more honest your are willing to be about sharing the details of your life, the more universal you are? This is one of the many realizations we've had during this past month. I know that personally, I've discovered that I can function in the face of terror - get through the day, continue to take care of the kids. That's a strength that I never knew I had. I also learned just how much I truly love Ema. There's nothing quite like facing death that makes one take critical inventory of what's important in their lives.

We'll be back for another podcast as soon as Ema can climb the stairs to the loft. Or, I may try to record one from downstairs - we'll see. Stay tuned for more updates - and THANKS for taking the time to get to know us - through thick and thin.

- Tom